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CBD Isolate Powder

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Extract Labs’ CBD Isolate is the crystalline or powdered form of highly refined CBD extract. Isolate is THC-Free and makes the perfect additive. It can be mixed with the fat or oil of your choice to formulate your ideal tincture, added directly to foods, smoked, vaporized, added to a topical product, or used as a cooking ingredient to create your own CBD edibles – the possibilities are endless. Extract Labs Isolate comes in a small glass jar which contains 1000mg of 99% pure THC Free CBD.

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Key Ingredients:

    • Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)
    • CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Allergy Warning:

This product contains Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Other Warnings:

For the best results, store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. If your pet has a medical condition, please consult a veterinarian before use. 

Start with 0.25 ml and work up to full dose.

For pets 5lbs – 10lbs, take 0.5ml.

For pets between10lbs – 15lbs, take 0.75ml.

Pets over 15lbs should take 1ml.