100mg CBD Milk Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt

10mg CBD/SVG
10mg CBD/SVG
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Grön’s Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt is a handcrafted and luxurious chocolate bar made with fair-trade and organic ingredients. This gluten-free bar is made with 38% cacao milk chocolate infused with USDA organic hemp CBD isolate. For the adventurous home chef, this bar makes the perfect substitute in recipes requiring high-quality milk chocolate. Grön’s chocolate bars take every day CBD supplementation and transform it into an experience meant to be savored. This buttery chocolate bar has a silky-smooth texture and subtle caramel notes. Grön’s Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt contains 100 mg of THC-Free CBD.

Key Ingredients:

  • Chocolate
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Hemp Extract
Other Ingredients: 

Chocolate (Evaporated cane syrup Ω, cacao beans ‡ Ω, full cream milk Ω, cocoa butter ‡ Ω, sunflower lecithin Ω), sea salt, hemp extract Ω.

‡ Fair Trade Certified by
Ω Organic ingredient

Allergy Warnings:

CONTAINS: Milk. This product was made in a facility that uses milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.

Other Warnings:
Please be responsible and keep out of the reach of children. Keep stored at 60-70 degrees in a dry area.

Total CBD Content:


CBD Content/Serving:

10mg (per square)

Enjoy alone or add as a topping to your favorite desserts! Each serving square contains 10mg of CBD. 

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